Was created as an emergency loan for members who NEED the money, but have limited access to financing. Instead of reviewing a credit rating or debt level, a person's relationship with USTCU will be reviewed as well as job longevity. This loan program does require direct deposit into your USTCU account. In reference to direct deposit, we require at least 60% of your gross paycheck to be electronically deposited.



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Rates as of  January 1, 2021. Rates are subject to change without notice.


RATE                                                           TERM                                    AMOUNT                                                              

Unsecured Signature Loan

8.50% - 10%                                                     6 Months                               Up to $300

8.50% - 10%                                                     12 Months                             $300 - $750

8.50% - 10%                                                     18 Months                             $751 - $1500

8.50% - 10%                                                     24 Months                             $1501 - $2999

8.50% - 14.90%                                                36 Months                             $3000 - $4999

8.50% - 12.90%                                                48 Months                             $5000 +

New Appliances, Home Entertainment & Computer

2.50% - 18.00%                                               6 Months                               (up to $25,999)

2.50% - 18.00%                                               6 Months                               ($25,999 & Up)


School Tuition

6.00%                                                               12 Months                               *call for details


Longevity/QWIKCASH Loan


21%                                                                 6 Months                                   $300 -$500

18%                                                                 9 Months                                   $501 - $1000

18%                                                                12 Months                                  $1001 - $1,500

* Loan amount based on length of employment 

One Year Employment $300.00

Two Years of Employment $500.00

Three and Four Years of Employment 2 weeks of hourly base rate

Five Years and Over of Employment 4 weeks of hourly base rate




Savings and Certificate rates are subject to change. Please contact the credit union for today's rates.


NEW Qwickcash Savings Loan

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See if you qualify, fill out this                                 then fax or email it over with your most recent paycheck stub.

You must be on your job for at least 12 months to apply for a secured loan.

Contact: 713-462-5552

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